WhatsApp Marketing

Few interesting facts about whtsApp marketing services – Well we have lot more to discuss but it is just to show that why you should opt for this service.

As per a report by Mailchimp, Emails & SMS, despite their popularity, have open rates of 21.33%. Click-through rates are even less, with just 2-5% of people clicking on the links provided in the mail.

However, in contrast to emails & SMS, WhatsApp open rate is 98%, meaning that out of every 100 messages sent 98 messages are read. This is because of WhatsApp’s popularity as a messenger application, with over 2.2 billion global users worldwide.

While the conversion rates of Emails & SMS is a meagre 2-5%, WhatsApp has a modest conversion rate of 45-60%. Out of every 100 users that receive a message sent on WhatsApp, 45-60 users click & convert into customers. That’s a difference worth the switch from emails & SMS to WhatsApp. Isn’t it? Discuss more with us on it for an interesting unlimited whtsApp package for your business.

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